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11. From Anthropocene to Sustainocene (Powerpoint version) by Bryan Furnass

Abstract: Geologists refer to the present post-glacial era as the Holocene, a period of relative climate stability which dates back for about 10,000 years to the human agricultural transition. At a climate change conference in 2000, Paul Crutzen, Nobel laureate in chemistry, was so alarmed by the evidence of human impacts on the biosphere since the industrial transition that he proposed that the present era be re-named the Anthropocene, marked by de-forestation and prodigious combustion of fossil fuels. This paper is an amateur discussion of the origins and manifestations of the Anthropocene from bio-historical and health perspectives. The changes in environmental conservation and human behaviour which will be required to attain a sustainable future for humans and countless other species are so radical and urgent, that transition to a new era, provisionally termed the Sustainocene, is proposed.

Sustainocene EF Talk with text 150512(1).ppt — PowerPoint presentation, 6734 kB (6896128 bytes)