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Conference Proceedings

Survival, Health and Wellbeing into the Twenty First Century

Editors: Bryan Furnass AM (Convener), Judy Whyte OAM,John Harris, Alison Baker

ISBN 0-646-28350-2 (published 1996)

Proceedings of a conference held at the Australian National University

November 30 - December 1, 1995

out of print


Infectious Disease in Humans

Edited by Bryan Furnass

ISBN 0-9585674-0-9 (published 1998)

Proceedings of the Howard Florey Centenary Symposium held in Canberra

5-6 March, 1998

$10 plus postage and handling

Out of print/currently not available

email for details


Food for Healthy People and Healthy Planet

Proceedings of an internet conference held from 9-24 September 2001

available free of charge from Nature and Society Forum's website: (click 'conference')