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2014 Slider articles

The Phase Five Shift – Transforming Culture
Peter Tait
Obesity: An Urgent Global Epidemic and Local Challenge
2014•06•14 Anthony Capon United Nations University, Tan Sri Zakri Hamid
From public to planetary health: a manifesto
This manifesto for transforming public health calls for a social movement to support collective public health action at all levels of society—personal, community, national, regional, global, and planetary. Our aim is to respond to the threats we face: threats to human health and wellbeing, threats to the sustainability of our civilisation, and threats to the natural and human-made systems that support us.
From public to planetary health: a manifesto
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
Elizabeth Kolbert
Biosensitivity: what is different about it?
Species losses: Not a mere scorecard, but the unravelling of Life
Multiplying by two – the problem with growth
Growth or Steady State
Tony McMichael
Profile of Tony McMichael
2012 PNAS article
Do we need carbon for transport?
Commentary on 2014 Federal Budget
The Foundation's vision of 'Healthy People on a Healthy Planet' does not refer to two separate outcomes, two separate agendas. The two are inextricably linked. The health of both people and planet are at risk from the Abbott Government's ideology-driven budget.