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Part 2. Pamphlets

It's time to take off the blinkers
It is time to take off the blinkers – time to wake up to the massive scale and intensity of humankind’s activities on our planet.
Climate change denial in historical perspective
Climate change denial is a predictable phenomenon. Similar reactions occur in all reform movements aimed at correcting undesirable consequences of human activities.
Carbon dioxide and climate change
There appears to be general agreement about the following facts. If it were not for certain gases occurring naturally in the atmosphere the world’s average temperature would be some 33°C colder than it is. That is, it would be around minus 19°C instead of plus 14°C.
Evolutionary watersheds and the future of humankind
The evolution of life on Earth has been marked by a series of highly significant watersheds, or turning points – after each of which a new situation developed and nothing was ever the same again. Human culture eventually developed into a new and extremely powerful force in the biosphere – with far-reaching ecological consequences not only for humankind but also for the rest of life on Earth.
A Story
There is a story of overarching significance for every one of us and for society as a whole. Yet it is understood by only a small section of the community. It is the story of life on Earth and of how humans fit in to this story. It is a true story.
A glimmer of hope
The massive growth of the human population and the current explosive intensification of use of resources and energy and discharge of technological wastes by human society are unsustainable ecologically. Climate change is at present the most critical symptom of humankind’s over exploitation of Planet Earth; but there are many other causes for serious concern.