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Biosensitive Futures

For healthy people on a healthy planet. Exchanging information and ideas about the way forward to an ecologically sustainable, healthy and fair society.


The Biosensitive Futures project is based on our conviction that the survival of civilisation and the wellbeing of humankind in the future will depend on a wave of new understanding spreading across the dominant cultures of the world, leading to profound changes in the way human societies operate. By new understanding we mean understanding the story of life on Earth and how humankind fits into this story. We call this biounderstanding.

The project aims to contribute to necessary social change by spreading biounderstanding and encouraging informed discussion and debate about how best to achieve an effective transition to a society that is truly in tune with, sensitive to and respectful of the processes of life. We call this a biosensitive society.

The Biosensitive Futures component of this website consists of five Parts:


Part 1. The Story of Life and the Future of Civilisation


Part 2. Essence pamphlets

A series of short papers summarising the essence of key ecological and health issues.


Part 3. Our place in nature: past, present and future

The text of a booklet discussing the biological background to the human situation today and the characteristics of a sustainable and healthy society of the future.


Part 4. Scientific facts and principles

Information from the sciences about the human place in nature and key ecological and health issues facing societies today.


Part 5. Social change

Pathways to a biosensitive future.