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Biosensitive Futures

Biosensitive Futures
For healthy people on a healthy planet. Exchanging information and ideas about the way forward to an ecologically sustainable, healthy and fair society.
Part 1. The Story of Life and the Future of Civilisation
This part of the website consists of 4 sections: Section 1. A cultural renaissance – the hope for the future – A position statement Section 2. Biounderstanding – What we mean by this term Section 3. Biosensitive society – What we mean by this term Section 4. Action – a brief discussion on the way forward
Part 2. Pamphlets
Part 3: Our place in nature: past, present and future
Our place in nature: past, present and future
Part 4: Facts and principles
Information from the sciences about the human place in nature and key ecological and health issues facing societies today, grouped in four categories:
Part 5: Social Change
Pathways and challenges on the way to a Biosensitive Future
About the biosensitive section
(and the people who built it and support this project)
Biosensitive Futures Survey
Articles to read before completing the Biosensitive Futures Survey
Tips for contributors
Your guide to contributing to the Biosensitive Futures website