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    As members are probably aware, a special general meeting was held on 20th Novemebr to consider and vote on the proposed resolution to change the name of Nature and Society Forum to the Frank Fenner Foundation. The outcome is reported in the press release below.

    Media Release

    21 November 2013


    Members of the community organisation Nature and Society Forum (NSF) voted last night to rename the organisation the Frank Fenner Foundation.

    Acting Chair of NSF, Dr Catherine Gross, says it was in recognition of the late Frank Fenner’s life-long commitment to human health and the health of the natural environment.

    “Frank Fenner, as Patron of the NSF, was interested and involved in its activities as well as a consistent financial supporter. He was a long-time friend of the principal founder of Nature and Society Forum, Stephen Boyden, and a friend and colleague of many members,” says Dr Gross.

    “The Frank Fenner Foundation will be a unique public institution that aims to promote scientific understanding of the human situation in the biosphere.  Its vision is of a society that is truly sensitive to and respectful of the processes of life.

    “This understanding is urgently needed if the world community is to resolve the rapidly escalating global environmental crises resulting from humankind’s excessive pressures on nature’s systems.”

    The Foundation hopes to promote informed discussion between scientists, community groups, governmental agencies and parliamentarians, the corporate sector, philanthropic organisations and the media about the social and economic changes necessary to achieve its vision.

    Further information: Catherine Gross, phone: 0438 994 328

  • Divestment - Degrading the Social Licence of the Fossil Fuel Industry

    Wednesday 16 April, 7:30-9:00 pm at the ANU’s Frank Fenner Building, corner of Daley Road and Linnaeus Way.

    Josh Creaser, the coordinator of 350 Canberra, will present the case for divestment from fossil fuels. Since 2012 a global movement has emerged of community groups calling on their churches, universities and local governments to cease investing in the fossil fuel industry. This movement is beginning to shake the fossil fuel industry, not yet financially, but by stripping their social licence so operate. Like the divestment movements around tobacco and South African apartheid, this movement has the potential to dramatically shift the fight against extractive industries and run away climate change.

    This talk will explore the interventions of the movement as a whole and more specifically the campaigns being run in the ACT.

    Josh is a 4th year ANU student of Environmental Science and Politics


  • Wednesday 21 May. Peter Tait: A Necessary Cultural Transformation.


    Wednesday 21 May, 7:30-9:00 pm at the ANU’s Frank Fenner Building, corner of Daley Road and Linnaeus Way.

    We all agree that a cultural transformation is needed to move our society from its current modus operandi to one that acknowledges the biophysical limits of our planet and operates with sensitivity to them. But the way to make that transition has so far eluded us. The Human Ecology Forum has been considering this challenge and some answers may be emerging. Peter will share these ideas with us.

    Peter Tait is a medical doctor and a researcher at the Fenner School of the Environment. Peter was a member of the NSF Board, and is currently on the Board of the Frank Fenner Foundation.